It's been a while since my last post on here, so I thought I should let you know what's been happening since my last blog.

On 18 February 2018, I was a guest on Calon FM's Classical X Over 4U show; this was a live show and I was joined by fellow guest Kevin Wrapson. This was a first for me but now so glad I did. Jan Rawlinson, was great and I really enjoyed the show - the time just seemed fly by! Definitely will do it again...if Jan will have me :)

My music is still being playing on Classical X Over 4U and some of the listeners of the show post lovely comments on Twitter about my music....I really appreciate theirs  and Jan Rawlin's continued support.

So what else has been happening....Well, there's been a lot of snow this week! It looked so pretty out there and children had a lot of fun sledging and building snowman, but trying to get about in the car was, at times, treacherous. Never mind, I think we are over the worst of it now. Can't wait for the summer sun. :)

The single I'm working on at the moment is "Song Bird" and I hope to release that in the next couple of months...watch this space.

That's all now for now, so take care and please do leave your comments below or message me directly using the contact form.

Germaine x



...from the moment I heard her..... I just had to get her on Meander....Her voice is a delight.....it soars with an impressive range.....Her talent is undeniable....”

Meander - Music & Discovery

LATEST SINGLE - "Angel" - released in 19 January 2018. You can preview the single here. 

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...She’s able to.....lift up the spirits…...and immediately you can recognize this beautiful performer as the world-class, stunning talent that she truly is...”

Jer @ SBS sleepingbagstudios, Canada


Details to follow soon