I recently had the pleasure of listening to soprano, Germaine D’Rosario. Her vocals, tonality and emotions shine through the lyrics. This lady is a class act. She has definitely opened my ears to a genre of music that I do not normally listen to. Her exuberance and natural talent of her voice will most certainly make her a household name in no time. If you haven't listened to her as of yet, do so, a sheer pleasure. ”

— Tom Lambert, Producer/Presenter, The Independent Music Show, UK

...from the moment I heard her..... I just had to get her on Meander....Her voice is a delight.....it soars with an impressive range.....Her talent is undeniable....”

Meander - Music & Discovery

Germaine D'Rosario's "Panis Angelicus" is a beautiful song and with an even more beautiful voice! Germaine's delivery is simply perfect, without going overboard with what I am sure she is capable of. It's a pleasant piece to relax and let yourself go to after a long day. A true treat for all Opera lovers. ”

— Tomas "Dr.Octavo" Brabec, producer-remixer-composer, Octavo Productions, Canada

I can hear that classical soprano Germaine D'Rosario has had an extensive amount of vocal training. The works that I have listened to, along with her voice are extremely enjoyable to listen to. Bravo! ”

— Steve Mann, Hollywood Film Sound Editor, USA