Germaine D’Rosario discovered her love of music at a very early age and could often be found singing around the house to her father’s blues, jazz and rock ’n’ roll records. As Germaine grew up, her father, Rudolph D’Rosario, who was a self-taught musician, attempted on numerous occasions to teach her to play various instruments, but it was apparent from day one that Germaine’s natural talent and passion for singing, had firmly caught her interest in a way nothing else could. 

Even though Germaine knew deep-down inside that she had an extraordinary gift and that a career in music was truly where she belonged – she decided it was not her time…….yet. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and immediately diving into a lifelong venture into music, Germaine chose her other most prominent passion and concentrated on family life.  Family is still very important to Germaine, but her desire to make music and sing continued to grow stronger over the years. Germaine realized there was more to her life and became completely determined to put in whatever work was required to turn her dreams into her reality. 

After a friend at work suggested she join an amateur drama group in 1996, Germaine reconnected with her love of singing and performing.  Reigniting the spark of creativity within herself and setting her mind to moving forward on a professional level, Germaine refined her skills with formal singing lessons.  Germaine continued to explore her newfound abilities and express her beautiful voice in exceptional new ways. Germaine would go on to perform with her local church choir, multiple theatre-groups, and take on key roles in musicals and plays. 

Germaine’s life would change once again after listening to a compilation album which included the powerful and emotive aria, “Un bel di vedremo”, which was performed by the soprano, Renata Scotto.  From the moment Germaine heard Renata’s stunning vocals, she knew exactly where she wanted to focus her music next, and began classical vocal training, with particular emphasis on opera.  Germaine discovered an entire new world of influences like Joan Sutherland, Maria Callas, Angela Gheorghiu and Anna Netrebko in addition to her immediate interest in exciting classical crossover-artists like Sarah Brightman and Enya. 

Through a series of singles released online, since 2014, Germaine D’Rosario quickly established a place for herself in music.  Working closely with Danie Cortese Entertainment in 2014, her angelic soprano tones soared on songs that scored with critics and fans alike.  Over time, this UK based singer’s repertoire became more and more impressive, now including experience in opera and oratorio in addition to her theatre resume. However, even as her own star continued to rise and many successes were being achieved as an artist, Germaine knew there was still another level to break through to – and that’s exactly where you’ll find her today. 

Excited and ready to share her new sound with the world, Germaine is now making the music she’s always wanted to make, through an extraordinary blend of classical, pop, rock and electro-music. Germaine’s found an incredible ability to adapt to an entirely new sound and play to her immaculate strengths as a classically-trained soprano.  Bold changes to her own approach and style, has driven and challenged Germaine to express herself fully as an artist inside of highly-imaginative, creative and vibrant compositions that have her sounding better than ever before. Germaine’s all set to release the stunning results online for all to hear, starting in January of 2018 with her beautiful, emotional and ethereal new single, “Angel.”  Germaine puts genuine heart and soul into her every waking moment in life and music and has truly blossomed into the performer she was always meant to be – this next chapter of her career will be the best part of the whole story.